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This product is a High Performance Car Charger with 5V/2.1A output. Use your car to charge any devices (digital cameras, PDAs, mobile phones, USB accessories and more) that can rely on USB for power ! This adapter plugs into your car's cigarette lighter jack to become a powered USB port. It is helpful in long time journey and convenient for business! * Built-in IC of high quality, allows the 5V - 42V input voltage range * LED indicator, lights blue when inserted into the cigarette lighter * Output accurate current limit and overload protection * This product shell is made of fireproof material * Auto protection * Internal temperature protection * Light weight, smart and convenient to use * Especially fits for Apple devices Specifications : * Input : 12 to 24V DC * Output : 5V/2.1A DC * Output overcurrent protection : >2.3A * Ripple And Noise : Output voltage 1% * Port : 1 USB port * Socket : Cigarette Lighter * Operating Temperature Range : 0~125C * Storage Temperature Range : 20 ~ 85C * High Humidity Operation : + 40 C and 90 ~ 95% * Color : White * Weight : 16 g * Overload protection : Yes * Short circuit protection : Yes * Efficiency : = 85% * MTBF : 50000 Hours NOTE : 1) Please keep the charger away from high temperatures (above 140F / 60C). 2) This charger can provide a normal 2.1A output. Connection and operation : Usage method * Plug the USB Car Charger into the car cigarette lighter, LED light turns on * and it's blue. Plug the USB port of the USB cable into the car charger's output * interface, then plug the electrical equipment (such as mobile phone, MP3, * camera series) into the other head of the USB cable * Please pull the car charger out after the electric equipment's full-charged. Advantages Description: * Internal chip allows the 5V-42V input voltage range, not easy to damage * ( 40V meet the certification requirements of the apple ATS ) * PCB board with heat dissipation treatment, and use grounding shrapnel * of the car charger to radiate (Apple heat dissipation technique) * Patented circuit board designed to protect your valuable gadgets from * short circuits * Output accurate current limit and overload protection, can effectively * protect user's mobile phone or high-end electronic equipments from damaging * Auto protection, can effectively protect the internal electric circuit of the car * from burning and damaging * Input high voltage to prevent the cigarette lighter pressure to damage the product * This product shell is made of fireproof material, accident wont happen even * at complex situations * Output indicator, use soft halo lamp ring to prevent accidents caused by glare * in the night Matters needing attention 1. Please plug the car charger after starting the car. 2. Please pull the car charger out after use or car flameout. Note: Our products have the protection functions, the above two matter tips are suggestions, because it is beneficial and harmless. 3. Do not use the car charger in the electronic product which owns over- * charging specifications, so as to avoid any problems aren't up to specification 4. Car charger will be fever in the use process, it's normal phenomenon that the * temperature is less than 60 degree at a normal room temperature 5. When the car charger is over-current, over-temperature, short-circuit * protection and stop working (unplug the device after the car charger * automatically return to work), then you need to check whether the * device is compatible with this car charger.
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