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Steel armored Cat.6A patch cable - thin, sturdy, heavy duty
The new, steel armored Cat.6A patch cable has a diameter of just 3.8 mm on.
Not only is it 45% smaller than other comparable patch cords, it needs in Server cabinets
only half the space. Thus, the steel-armored patch cable ensures many Applications for high
packing density and tidy cable management - Rodent protection included.
Due to the small cable diameter and the special construction of the steel jacket brings
The steel armored Cat.6A patchcable also has other advantages: It proves to be extremely
flexible and allows a much smaller bending radius than a standard patch cable can offer.
The smooth surface of the stainless steel reinforcement also leaves cable clutter no chance
while ensuring improved air circulation and cooling in the server enclosure.
With these good features, the steel armored Cat.6A patch cord is not just for Use in
industrial environments, in the home office or in test or storage rooms. Even at events it
plays its benefits. Because the thin patch cable is inconspicuous and proves to be very
resistant: frequent stresses it holds easily was standing. Each of the steel armored
Cat.6A patch cords was tested in the Cat.6A Channel, the Test reports are enclosed.
- Cable reinforcement made of stainless steel SUS304
- outer diameter: 3.8 mm / color: dark gray
- Cable: copper / Cat.6A STP 4x2x AWG32 / 7 PVC insulation
- 2x RJ45 plug: 8P8C 50 Goldplated / shielded
- Plug coating and anti-kink sleeve, black
- Plug grommet with detent protection / black
- 10Gbit / 500MHz
- Cat.6A Channel tested (test protocol included with each cable)
- Available lengths: 0.15 / 0.25 / 0.5 / 1.0 / 2.0 m
Applications: Home Office / Test Rooms / Events / Industrial environments / storerooms
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